BUZZ Project

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BUZZ Project

StadtgARTen- Vogelfrei 10  2013- Urbanity, Mobility, Freedom

August 28– September 8th, Darmstadt Germany

Insects are an important part of a garden and pollination but can often be seen as a pest or nuisance.  The BUZZ garden art project will consist of the artist fabricating 1000 2-dimensional take home bumble bee icons. Upon taking the tour each participant/tourist will be given a Bee with directions on the back to take a photo of the Bee and then submit it to BUZZ Project on Facebook  to the artist Megan Lotts directly.

This project addresses the theme “Urbanity, Mobility, & Freedom” in multiple ways.  The projects uses mobile technology as a way to build a crowd sourced archive of images of participants taking pictures with their bee/2-dimensional artwork.  This project also questions in where is the “art” happening?  Is the artist made object the artwork, or is it the photograph that the garden tour submits to the archive the artwork, or perhaps both.  This project will create a BUZZ throughout the garden, and on the internet.

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