Wear It.

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Wear It.

T-shirt Release April 1st, 2007

Images from May 5th, 2007 at 10am -Madison, Wisconsin meeting taken byArtist/Photographer Tyler Robbins

Read more about this project at:  www.thedailypage.com/isthmus/article.php?article=6030

     My intent with this project is to create a dialogue between the artist and members of the local community of Madison, Wisconsin.  My hope is that these one of a kind t-shirts/art objects will be a catalyst that will encourage people to more carefully observe their surroundings and be more aware of how art is integrated into their everyday lives. Two-dimensional art should be seen not only as medium on a wall in a gallery, but as something that can be worn as a utilitarian object, as a medium of advertisement, or an everyday expression of individuality.

Wear it is a project that will bring the idea of fine art out of the gallery and into the public realm.  This project will allow community members of Madison, Wisconsin to wear, view, and be part of the artistic process.  The project will consist of 200 printed shirts of all sizes, both youth and adult.  The image will be designed by artist Megan Lotts and each t-shirt will be signed, numbered, and personally distributed throughout Madison. Each t-shirt will be accompanied by an invitation to attend a group picture/meeting of all wearers of this project on the steps of the state capital building in Madison, Wisconsin on May 5th at 10am.

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