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     This exhibition curated by Ute Ritschel took place in Darmstadt, Germany from October 27th to November 11th, 2007.  For one week 50 artists, representing 8 countries, worked together preparing gardens and greenhouses focusing on the theme winter in the garden and reflection on light.

“Das Haus des bemalten Glases”

(the house of painted glass)

“Das Haus des gemalten” is a look at how the presence of light and the human form alters a two dimensional painted environment.  When the viewer enters the painted house my intent is that he or she instantly becomes integrated into a dreamlike fantasy world.

This world is different than everyday reality, yet accessible because it is filled with easy to recognizable symbols, shapes, patterns, and colors that we encounter on a regular basis. My hope is that each individual will be able to connect to the painting and find their own meaning in “the das Haus des gemalten Glases”.

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