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Outreach, engagement, learning, and fun in 60 seconds: Button making at the Rutgers University Libraries

In the fall of 2016, the Rutgers University Libraries (RUL)-New Brunswick Learning and Engagement team spent $580 to purchase a button maker and supplies to make 1,000 buttons. Since then, the libraries have collaborated on button projects with many departments on campus, including the Rutgers Art History Student Association, the Zimmerli Art Museum, and the School of Arts and Sciences Honors program. These partnerships have helped the libraries build strong ties with the Rutgers-New Brunswick communities and attracted a devoted group of button makers who regularly attend library events. Read the ARTICLE.

Since 2016 the Rutgers University Libraries- New Brunswick’s button-making initiative has grown exponentially. Over 18,000 buttons have been made with over 50 different organizations on and off campus.  As well there is a list-serve with over 100 students who regularly follow the button-making initiatives.

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