Centsation September 3rd- September 30th  Morris Library Art Rotunda- located in the NE corner of the first floor, for more information please contact  Megan Lotts -Artist/Fine Arts Librarian at mlotts@lib.siu.edu or office phone (618)453-2663 ** no returns, no refunds, no exchanges and no complaints!”


EGGSpression: an art installation by Meggan Lotts EGGSpression is a salon style  art installation that explores the ideas of painting & drawing, collage, objects, and the notion of everyday life and mediums. As a trained painter, public artist, and fine arts librarian I constantly struggle with the idea of art, life, and the everyday.  I…

Forest Art Germany- Float

The FLOAT project consists of a series of brightly painted card board lotus flowers placed in the Forest pond. Because these objects/flowers float they will be moved by the everyday forces of nature and climate allowing them to be a free-flowing moving art installation. With this installation I’m working with the idea of recycling and…

Forest Art Wisconsin

Art-work, Controversy, and Walking the Raven Trail…by Forest Art Wisconsin Assistant Curator- Megan Lotts (essay from the catalog) Every Saturday morning for the last three months, I would pack up my camping gear, grab a good book, turn my computer off and head north with my dog, Ivan. Our weekly expeditions brought us to Minocqua,…

Washington D.C. Botanical Gardens

This Project was a collaboration with the University of Wisconsin EPS Program and was on display from June-October  2008 at the Washington DC Botanic Gardens.


WINTERGARTEN      This exhibition curated by Ute Ritschel took place in Darmstadt, Germany from October 27th to November 11th, 2007.  For one week 50 artists, representing 8 countries, worked together preparing gardens and greenhouses focusing on the theme winter in the garden and reflection on light. “Das Haus des bemalten Glases” (the house of painted…

Wear It.

Wear It. T-shirt Release April 1st, 2007 Images from May 5th, 2007 at 10am -Madison, Wisconsin meeting taken byArtist/Photographer Tyler Robbins Read more about this project at:  http://www.thedailypage.com/isthmus/article.php?article=6030      My intent with this project is to create a dialogue between the artist and members of the local community of Madison, Wisconsin.  My hope is that…


Upscalling July 18th– July 28th, 2005 Upscalling was on display, at the corner of First Street and East Johnson, in Madison, Wisconsin.  The 12 by 24 foot  image was located  at a slow moving intersection in an industrial neighborhood. This project was funded by the Madison Arts Commission.  Billboard video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENHnwF9xXuY

Translation: from Painting to Space

Translation:  from Painting to Space Oneten Gallery-  Madison, Wisconsin March 2005 This 750 square foot installation was devised from a series of two dimensional drawings and then translated by the artist into a three-dimensional space.  Further images of installation and opening night can be seen at  http://www.oneten.org